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Treon Asset Node on a container

Treon, a Finnish Tampere-based company that develops smart wireless devices and hardware platform for IoT-solutions, continues to expand its device portfolio with Treon Asset Node and Treon Asset Sensor.

Real-time visibility to logistics and supply chain as well as location and condition of assets are critical information for companies to optimize operations and processes as well as for the quality and damage control of assets. New Treon devices provide the tools to identify, locate and monitor non-powered assets ranging from containers and heavy equipment to pallets and cargo boxes.

“Treon Asset devices are key building blocks for mesh-based logistics and asset monitoring solution. Mesh-based solution is a great fit when you have a multitude of assets or measurement points in proximity. Imagine a depot or a vessel with thousands of containers or a truck trailer filled with pallets that need to be individually monitored,” Joni Korppi, CEO of Treon, says. “Compared to stand-alone trackers with cellular connectivity this is the cost-efficient way to monitor assets on a massive scale.”

Treon Asset Node, designed to stand extreme conditions, combines Wirepas Mesh connectivity with battery-assisted global RFID and Bluetooth beaconing for asset identification, temperature and high-performance impact sensoring. Treon Asset Sensor introduces a wider range of sensors to monitor asset movement, impact, temperature, humidity and light.

Both devices and the Wirepas Mesh connectivity scale effortlessly to a wide range of use cases from monitoring assets in fixed areas such as a depot, construction yard and warehouse to full logistics chain including in-transit such as vessels.

“These devices can be used to build a solution to monitor a vessel full of containers on a trip around the world, locate machinery in a construction yard, get alerted of abnormal shock to fragile cargo or automatically monitor inbound and outbound movement of assets at logistics sites”, Joni Korppi explains. “Or any combination of these.”

Connectivity to cloud requires a Wirepas Mesh enabled gateway, such as Treon Gateway. Through logistics chain devices can automatically roam from one gateway to another. If devices lose connection to gateway, data is stored internally until connectivity is regained.

Treon Asset Node and Asset Sensor are expected to be commercially available during 1Q/2020. Treon sells products to business-to-business customers, such as solution providers, system integrators, service companies and distributors. In cooperation with its service partners, Treon can provide customers with a complete solutions that includes cloud service, data storage and user interface.

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Treon is a leading technology company designing intelligent edge products for massive IoT. Their expertise lies in enabling customers in industrial, smart life, and logistics to create scalable IoT solutions with sensors, gateways, platform, and engineering services. By utilizing Treon products and Treon Aito Platform, businesses can fast-track building scalable, industry leading IoT solutions.


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