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Schaeffler, a leading global automotive and industrial supplier, is using Treon Gateway as a key building block for its new condition monitoring solution Schaeffler OPTIME.

With Schaeffler OPTIME, comprehensive and automated condition monitoring is now a cost-effective proposition – for all indirectly process-critical assets across entire machine and equipment parks.

“With OPTIME, we make condition monitoring easy and affordable. Thanks to simple plug & play installation and automated asset condition analytics, OPTIME allows you to start monitoring hundreds of rotating machines in just a few hours,” Jarno Suomela, Head of Portfolio and Sector Solutions Management at Schaeffler, explained, “and Treon Gateway is one of its key elements.”

An easily scalable system, OPTIME consists essentially of wireless, battery-powered vibration sensors, a gateway, and an app to visualize the resulting data analysis. All installed sensors autonomously communicate with each other and the gateway to form a dedicated mesh network. One that, in today’s industry, ranks among the most reliable and energy-efficient types of IoT networks.

Treon Gateway boasts the ability to connect hundreds of devices to the cloud. Through this product partnership, OPTIME is able to support a range of wired and wireless connectivity options.

The relationship has proven beneficial for both companies. “It has been a pleasure to work closely with Schaeffler teams both in Germany and Finland to bring OPTIME to life in record time. It is a great example of an IoT-solution built on the Treon Gateway Platform.” Joni Korppi, CEO of Treon stated.

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