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ifm wireless sensors

The sensor and automation specialist ifm has selected Treon Industrial Node and Treon Gateway to its portfolio of vibration monitoring products. Products are designed for a reliable vibration and temperature measurement over a wireless network and to identify changes in the behavior of industrial machines.

“Treon impressed us with their mature ready-to-go products that fit well into our portfolio”, says Dr. Thomas May, Member of the Board at ifm group. “Wireless vibration monitoring is a strong emerging trend in the condition monitoring market. Without any wiring needed, wireless battery-operated sensors offer quick cost-efficient integration and easy access to hard to reach locations”.

The sensor and the Gateway allow for regular monitoring of machine condition according to ISO 10816 to detect imminent damage. Maintenance can be scheduled on demand-basis to prevent major damage and costly downtimes. The vibration sensor detects and transmits single or triaxial v-RMS value as well as temperature of the measurement point.

Wireless enables scalability

With the completely wireless sensors and intuitive ifm software for analyzing and visualizing the data, a comprehensive plant monitoring system is quickly set up without any extra work.

“Sensor installation can be done in minutes. Devices need only to be turned on and data starts flowing via the Gateway. The benefits can be huge”, Thomas May continues.

The sensor devices and gateway operate in an intelligent wireless mesh-network enabling massive scale. Single network can consist of hundreds of sensors and multiple gateways. All sensor devices measure data as well as route data from other sensors. Without any centralized network management, the devices connect automatically to each other and choose the most efficient route for the data to the Gateway. From Gateway data is sent to ifm condition monitoring software over a wireless or wired connection. Wireless data transfers are secure and resilient to interference in industrial environments.

“We’re humbled to work together with ifm, one of the most respected companies in the sensor and automation industry. This speaks highly to the versatility of Treon Industrial Node and Treon Gateway platform”, says Joni Korppi, CEO of Treon. “Our products enable a perfect cost-efficient solution for the large number of in-directly critical machines in a plant that may not be monitored at all today”.

As of now, the smart vibration monitoring without cabling is available via ifm.

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Treon is a leading technology company designing intelligent edge products for massive IoT. Their expertise lies in enabling customers in industrial, smart life, and logistics to create scalable IoT solutions with sensors, gateways, platform, and engineering services. By utilizing Treon products and Treon Aito Platform, businesses can fast-track building scalable, industry leading IoT solutions.


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