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Treon is a leading technology company making intelligent wirelessly connected edge devices for massive IoT solutions of scale.

One of the main areas of focus for Treon is to utilize the powers of embedded software for elevating the seamless usability and practicality of our hardware products, and enabling end-to-end IoT-solutions.

We’re thrilled to announce our smart gateway platform for Treon Gateway – Treon Aito Spring ’21 release, its latest platform release, includes some major additions and improvements to the capabilities of our devices.

One of the major additions in the Treon Aito Spring ’21 release is the support for the Azure IoT Edge framework. Azure IoT Edge is a fully managed service built on Azure IoT Hub. It allows the deployment of cloud workloads—artificial intelligence, Azure, and third-party services, or custom business logic—to run on the Internet of Things (IoT) edge devices via standard containers. By moving certain workloads to the edge of the network, the devices spend less time communicating with the cloud, react more quickly to local changes, and operate reliably even in extended offline periods.

The second major addition in the Treon Aito Spring ’21 release is the support for Bluetooth low energy (BLE) beacons. With this release, Treon Aito now supports data collection and parsing from both Bluetooth LE beacons and Wirepas devices, providing flexibility in the sensor device choice in a solution. The added support for Bluetooth LE beacons will unlock many new business cases for the Treon devices.

The third major addition in the Treon Aito Spring ’21 release is the capability to support effortless integration to any cloud. Treon Aito provides secure cloud connectivity that enables connection to any cloud backend, with special support for Azure. The multi-point connectivity also allows for better device management capabilities for the hardware.

Along with these major updates, the Treon Aito Spring ’21 release also includes many smaller updates and fixes. We work continuously to produce a better and more powerful software platform for our devices to ensure the maximum value to the user.

We at Treon focus on sensing at the edge. We make it easy to utilize the best of both edge and cloud computing. Our products enable innovation in a wide range of IoT-applications, such as Industrial IoT, SmartCity/Buildings, Transport, Logistics, and Asset management.

Check out our products to learn more about our wireless devices.


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