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American MTS provides reliable asset monitoring solution built with Treon wireless condition monitoring products

American MTS
American MTS installed Treon Industrial Node 6 to their customer’s motor, source: American MTS

3am in the morning a service engineer receives a phone call with unpleasant information. A motor failed and caused the breakdown of an entire production line. This is a costly nightmare for the company, which in some factories can cost as much as $20,000 per hour. A predictive maintenance program with condition-based monitoring can make incidents like this a thing of the past.

Unlike traditional maintenance systems, which may monitor machines only a few times a month, IoT driven condition-based monitoring systems can change the game. Wireless battery-operated sensors are mounted to the assets to provide continuous monitoring of data like temperature and vibration. Anomalies are identified early and failures can be prevented before they halt operations.

The service provider American MTS has been a trusted partner for electric motor repairs in the US for 50 years with a customer base of over 1500 companies operating in various industries. For the past 10 years American MTS has shifted their focus to a holistic approach to predictive maintenance. This includes detailed root cause analysis and testing to improve the reliability of their customers’ products and services.

“American MTS wants to be the company that people come to for reliability solutions to help prevent things from breaking instead of waiting for them to break.”
Michael Huber
President of American MTS

Challenges include the variety of different assets, parameters, and single solutions that increase installation time and complexity. Furthermore, there is a risk of missing the time frame for repair before a part breaks.

In 2021 American MTS chose to add Treon’s products to their reliability portfolio. Since then, they have installed the Treon Industrial Node 6 wireless vibration and temperature sensor to many of their customer’s assets. The product measures and computes valuable machine health metrics and transmits them via the Treon Gateway to customer’s backend of choice.

“Treon really shines because the customer can decide where the data goes.”
Michael Huber
President of American MTS

The condition monitoring solution operates in a wireless self-healing mesh network, enables customizable edge computing, and offers highly flexible connectivity options so that American MTS can easily scale it according to their customer’s needs.

Driven by their customers direct feedback American MTS have developed their Reliable Asset Management System, RAMS®, which has a sensor diagnostic software at its core. The feature-rich diagnostic software is suited to collect data securely from sensors, analyse different metrics, detect anomalies early and enable customers to make data-driven decisions.

American MTS is following its holistic approach of helping to prevent assets from breaking, lowering the cost of quality repairs at the right time with detailed root cause analysis, and ultimately keeping customer plants operating more reliably.

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