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Elliott Group and Treon work together to develop new wireless sensing technology

Elliott Group Turbine
Elliott Group’s new turbine wireless condition monitoring solution with Treon Industrial Node 6, source Elliott Group

Well known for innovative engineering and highly reliable products, Elliott Group has partnered with Treon to develop a new turbine wireless condition monitoring solution. As a global leader in turbomachinery operations, Elliott chose Treon’s Industrial Node 6 to modernize their turbine monitoring capabilities far more cost-efficiently than conventional instrumentation.

“Currently in many plants, vibration technicians use a handheld vibration monitor to check equipment vibration weekly or less often. If they find issues, the technicians check the equipment more frequently until it is shut down for repair.” says William Pacelli, Industrial Products Engineering Manager at Elliott Group. “The wireless sensor enables more regular checking of machine health and a timelier shutdown if an issue occurs.”

Treon Industrial Node 6, Gateway
Elliott Group using Treon Industrial Node 6 and Treon Gateway, source Treon
"Wireless sensing is another advanced technology option for our clients that will allow them to improve the health management and diagnostics of their machines. It is a tool that complements our existing controls and monitoring solutions to provide the highest equipment availability and reliability. We are initially introducing this advanced sensor technology for our industrial steam turbine line, but plan to port it across Elliott’s complete product portfolio in the future.”
Dr. Klaus Brun
Director of Research and Development, Elliott Group

The wireless sensor enables predictive maintenance for Elliott’s single-stage (YR) steam turbines. Treon Industrial Node 6 is the latest addition to Treon’s product portfolio of wireless IoT devices. Easy to install on the turbine bearing housings, and connected to the Treon Gateway on the factory floor, it operates in a massive wireless mesh network. With a frequency range of 6300 hertz, the wireless sensor offers high resolution vibration data, which makes it ideal for in-depth analysis of critical machinery. Scalability and intelligence combined for reliable equipment monitoring. Easy installation and configuration enable monitoring of older Elliott equipment as well as new units.

“We’re delighted to work together with Elliott Group, one of the most respected global organizations in the industry of rotating equipment. As the demand for wireless asset monitoring grows rapidly, Treon aims to help leading industrial organizations digitize their service offerings in a swift yet flexible manner.”
Aibek Altynbek
Head of Business Development, Treon

Read more about Elliott’s condition monitoring solution at Elliott’s YR Turbine Wireless Sensor

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