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Treon launches Industrial Node 6, with higher-resolution vibration data capturing, for condition monitoring on a massive scale

News Home April 12, 2021 Treon, a leading technology company making intelligent wirelessly connected edge devices for massive IoT solutions of scale, released the new
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Treon Aito Spring ’21 release

Treon Aito is the embedded software platform that powers Treon Gateway. It enables smart data collection from a wide range of sensors, on-device processing, and transmitting to any cloud backend. It supports both BLE beacons and Wirepas mesh sensors. Treon Aito/Bedrock also enables the full power of Edge computing with integrated support for Azure IoT Edge and AWS Greengrass, along with custom application deployment.
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Treon Gateway is Microsoft Azure Certified

Treon Gateway is Microsoft Azure Certified.

News Home February 22, 2021 News Treon is happy to share that we have joined the Azure Certified Device program, ensuring customers get IoT solutions
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ifm wireless sensors

ifm selects Treon Industrial Node for wireless vibration monitoring

News Home January 8, 2021 News The sensor and automation specialist ifm has selected Treon Industrial Node and Treon Gateway to its portfolio of vibration
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Treon and Wapice launch the fastest way to condition monitoring

News Home January 11, 2021 News Treon Condition Monitoring starter kit with IoT-TICKETĀ® is a cost efficient and easy to deploy tool to get started
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