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condition monitoring

Schaeffler OPTIME condition monitoring solution uses Treon Gateway.

Schaeffler, a leading global automotive and industrial supplier, is using Treon Gateway as a key building block for its condition monitoring solution Schaeffler OPTIME.
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ifm wireless sensors
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condition monitoring

ifm selects Treon Industrial Node for wireless vibration monitoring.

The sensor and automation specialist ifm has selected Treon Industrial Node and Treon Gateway to its portfolio of vibration monitoring products – products designed for a reliable vibration and temperature measurement over a wireless network and to identify changes in the behavior of industrial machines.
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condition monitoring

Wireless Condition Monitoring at scale with Sulzer.

Treon developed a wireless vibration and temperature monitoring solution in cooperation with the global leader in fluid engineering, Sulzer. The cost-efficient, easy-to-install, and battery-powered sensor and gateway are the key enablers for the wireless IoT condition monitoring solution, Sulzer Sense!
Sulzer condition monitoring
Varjo headset
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custom designs

Enabling the development of World's Most Advanced VR/MR headset

Treon delivers state-of-the-art electronic design services to the world-leading virtual reality start-up, Varjo. So far, the smooth product development co-operation has resulted in three generations of the world’s most advanced Mixed Reality headsets!

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