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Set up Treon sensors

A guide how to set up Treon Industrial Node and variants on your equipment. From installation to connecting to the Treon Gateway.

Set up Treon gateways

A guide how to set up Treon Gateway from placing it in your factory to integrating the data to your backend of choice.


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Treon Knowledgebase is our main product documentation site for easy product setup, troubleshooting instructions, and general product information.

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Select your Treon product and learn how to mount and set up the product.

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Software updates of Treon Gateway are easy via SSH. To perform an update, you will need your Treon Gateway serial number(s), Treon Gateway password(s), and update link of the correct Aito software release.

Read full guide at Treon Knowledgebase.

You can update your Treon sensors either via SSH connection, or via Device Management (DM) commands.

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You can find more frequently asked questions in the Treon Knowledgebase FAQ section.

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