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Treon Industrial Node 6 and 6 Ex have received a patent from the US Patent and Trademark Office

The patent covers Treon’s cutting-edge technology, which involves embedding the accelerometer inside the bolt of Treon Industrial Node 6, eliminating unwanted resonances, and delivering high-quality measurement.

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Treon in the news

Business Tampere

English, Finnish

Treon builds a strong and large company in Tampere, Finland, and aims for global impact



Miljoonarahoitus Ranskasta – tamperelaisyhtiö tähtää kasvuun kunnonvalvontasensoreilla

IoT Mesh

English, German

Wireless Condition Monitoring: Treon focuses on wireless and finds the Wirepas Mesh Network as the perfect complement to its range of products



Joni Korppi kokosi yhteen seitsemän entistä Nokian ja Microsoftin työntekijää ja perusti Tampereelle uudenlaisen älylaitefirman


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