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B&K Vibro

‘A perfect match,’ this is how Florian Endres, Director of Research & Development at B&K Vibro, describes the partnership. B&K Vibro, a member of the NSK group, joined forces with Treon, leveraging their innovative approach and decades of experience in condition monitoring. The seamless integration of Treon’s hardware expertise and B&K Vibro’s innovative approach has culminated in a robust solution that empowers customers with actionable insights while prioritizing simplicity.

BKV Beyond wireless solution
BKV Collect, BKV Connect and BKV Beyond as part of B&K Vibro wirless solution source: B&K Vibro


Meeting customer demand in the expert-limited condition monitoring market with a combination of artificial & human intelligence.

In the field of vibration-based condition monitoring it is crucial to have trained professionals who can interpret machine vibrations and provide actionable recommendations. However, the number of experts in the market is limited, with many approaching retirement and few new professionals entering the field. B&K Vibro recognized the importance of leveraging the existing pool of industry experts while incorporating artificial intelligence and machine learning capabilities to deliver actionable insights for monitoring a wide range of assets.

Furthermore, expert tools were primarily designed for experienced users, leaving a gap for customers who lack expertise in the field. Traditionally, customers focused on monitoring critical assets that directly impacted their operations. However, there is a growing demand towards monitoring medium and less critical assets. In the past, customers either neglected these assets using a run-to-failure strategy or relied on periodic measurements from external service providers who used portable monitoring devices to assess the machines every few months and provide reports highlighting potential issues among the selected machines being monitored.

To bridge this gap and cater to a broader customer base, B&K Vibro recognized the need to provide a solution that could offer actionable insights to both experts and non-experts. By combining Treon wireless expertise, their knowledge and experience of industry experts with AI-powered technology, they developed a comprehensive solution that could deliver valuable insights for monitoring a wide range of assets.

"Monitoring critical assets has been the norm, but the reality is that customers are increasingly recognizing the value of monitoring medium and less critical assets. Nowadays customers demand constant monitoring to reduce the impact of potential failures on their production processes. They no longer rely on periodic visits or neglect assets but seek proactive solutions for comprehensive asset management."
Florian Endres
Director Research & Development at B&K Vibro


B&K Vibro and Treon empower customers with actionable insights and simplicity.

B&K Vibro understands the importance of both wired and wireless solutions in addressing different customer challenges. By adopting a combined approach and integrating these technologies into their BKV Beyond and SETPOINT® solutions, B&K Vibro provides versatile solutions that cater to diverse needs. This approach not only allows customers to benefit from the expertise of professionals but also empowers them to effectively monitor all their assets, including those previously considered less critical.

To prioritize simplicity and ease of understanding, B&K Vibro has developed BKV Ignite. This user-friendly desktop tool assists customers in planning, machine setup, and measurement point placement, ensuring a hassle-free experience. In addition, the BKV Deploy Mobile App helps customers to install the BKV Collect wireless sensors painlessly.

The plug & play installation process of Treon Industrial Node 6 Ex (BKV Collect), along with the secure data transmission through Treon Gateway (BKV Connect) forwarding data to the BKV Beyond and SETPOINT® platforms, ensure efficient monitoring of key vibration parameters is facilitated. Treon Industrial Node 6 Ex (BKV Collect) measures tri-axial vibration and temperature data, enabling the detection of anomalies and prediction of emerging faults. Utilizing a self-organizing wireless mesh network, Treon’s sensors connect autonomously and send pre-processed measurement data to Treon Gateway (BKV Connect).

By leveraging these technologies, B&K Vibro provides customers with comprehensive asset overviews and the ability to evaluate their condition. B&K Vibro’s experts utilize advanced analysis tools to run complex analyses when needed, ensuring to deliver actionable and valuable insights without overwhelming the customer.

" We partnered with Treon to expedite time to market and overcome our limited expertise in wireless communication and battery-operated devices. This unique collaboration allowed us to benefit from Treon's extensive knowledge and years of development, ensuring a robust solution without compromising on quality. It was a perfect match, combining Treon hardware expertise with our innovative approach.”
Florian Endres
Director Research & Development at B&K Vibro


Simplifying condition monitoring through collaborative innovation

Vibration analysis, unlike a simple equation, involves intricate considerations where a single cause does not always correspond to a single effect. Understanding this complexity, B&K Vibro implementing Treon’s wireless technology endeavors to unravel machines’ language, making it comprehensible to users. The primary objective is to simplify the process, ensuring accessibility for individuals without in-depth knowledge in the field.

The positive response extends beyond new customers, as existing SETPOINT® users, predominantly diagnostic experts, also recognize the value of BKV Beyond remote condition monitoring system. While seeking granular resolutions and in-depth analyses, they appreciate the comprehensive overview and real-time insights offered by the wireless solution. Recognizing the potential benefits for less-critical assets, these experts embrace BKV Beyond as a solution within their operational framework.

The integration of Treon Aito Platform further enhances the solution’s flexibility. Currently, Treon Gateway (BKV Connect) facilitates communication between BKV Collect and the BKV Beyond platform or the SETPOINT® solution. However, with Treon Aito platform, there is potential for future expansion, including communication with third-party systems or other compatible technologies. This flexibility enables the solution to adapt and grow over time, seamlessly integrating with a wider range of systems as needed.

Treon sensors and gateway used in B&K Vibro wireless solution
BKV Collect and BKV Connect source: B&K Vibro

With a mission to democratize condition monitoring, B&K Vibro aims to make it accessible to a broader range of customers. Their customer-centric approach revolves around providing actionable insights and simplifying the monitoring process by combining machine learning and human-verified analysis. Through this innovative mindset and prioritizing customer needs, B&K Vibro is shaping the future of condition monitoring and empowering customers to make informed decisions that drive operational efficiency. Visit the BKV Beyond webpage to learn more about their remote condition monitoring system.

“With the fortunate coincidence of launching the wireless solution and BKV Beyond as our first digital platform, we have created a versatile platform that goes beyond expectations. Our customer-centric approach ensures the provision of actionable insights and simplification of the monitoring process.”
Florian Endres
Director Research & Development at B&K Vibro

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B&K Vibro

Brüel & Kjær Vibro (B&K Vibro) is a pioneering force in machinery protection and condition monitoring systems, reshaping asset health management since its inception. With a strong global presence as a member of the NSK group, B&K Vibro has built a reputation for innovation and reliability. Their commitment to simplicity and a data-driven approach ensures easy deployment, seamless integration, and actionable insights, making them a trusted provider of machinery protection and condition monitoring solutions for customers in various industries, worldwide.