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PROGNOST Systems, a global leader in condition monitoring technologies, has selected Treon’s wireless sensors and gateway to extend its offering for less critical equipment. Fully integrated into PROGNOST®-NT it enables a cost-effective and scalable solution to monitor every asset on the plant.

Treon Industrial Node 6 Ex as part of PROGNOST®-NT, source: PROGNOST Systems GmbH


Cost-efficient condition monitoring – suitable for hazardous areas.

Conventional, wired condition monitoring solutions come at a high cost to prevent unplanned downtimes. Due to long installation and planning times wired monitoring solutions are often used for critical equipment only. Less-critical assets are measured with handheld devices at many plants. Wireless sensors replace handheld measuring devices, are easy to install, fast to deploy, and are much more cost-efficient. Most challenging in the development of a wireless alternative was to find battery-operated sensors that are available at an attractive price and suitable for installation in hazardous areas.

Integration into an existing system – sensor capabilities and data processing functionalities.

Developing a wireless enhancement for PROGNOST®-NT required integrating wired sensors for critical assets and wireless sensors for less-critical machinery in one solution. Implementing this securely as an on-premises solution came with challenges.

“Treon’s open software platform enabled easy integration of wireless products into PROGNOST®-NT. The highly engaged Treon technical support team resolved any pending questions quickly.”
Ralf Thien
Product Manager, PROGNOST Systems GmbH


Wireless products – certified for potentially hazardous areas.

Wireless and battery-operated sensors measure machine health data, such as surface temperature and vibration of rotating equipment. Those measured values are transmitted wirelessly from sensors to Gateways over a scalable mesh network. Treon Gateway collects and processes sensor data, runs custom applications, and sends data securely to PROGNOST’s backend. Treon Industrial Node 6 Ex enables measuring vibration and temperature in potentially hazardous environments.

“Treon’s product certifications, especially for hazardous areas Zone 1 HazLoc, ATEX, and IECEx enable usage in many countries. In addition to that the cost for the sensors is reasonable and comes at an attractive price-performance ratio,” says Ralf Thien, Product Manager at PROGNOST Systems.

Built on Treon Aito Platform – easy integration into PROGNOST®-NT.

Integration of Treon’s wireless condition monitoring products into the existing and popular software PROGNOST®-NT was enabled by Treon’s open software platform. Treon Aito Platform, powering Treon devices, enables direct integration into the interface and functions of PROGNOST®-NT. Among other functions, the software allows the secure bi-directional exchange of data, as well as intelligent triggering of measurements based on process data. Those can be triggered on a fixed schedule, on-demand, or on-event.


Intelligent online condition monitoring system for reliability in hazardous areas.

Treon Industrial Node 6 Ex and Treon Gateway In Protective Enclosure enable wireless condition monitoring of machine health in potentially hazardous areas. Fully integrated into the PROGNOST®-NT online condition monitoring solution functionalities such as the intelligent triggering of measurements are allowed. Furthermore, the solution allows limit setting and alarming as well as the integration of process values via bus systems.

“We are delighted to help PROGNOST Systems offer their customers a competitive wireless solution to monitor tens to thousands of assets in their plant,” says Aibek Altynbek, Head of Business Development at Treon.

With the wireless Treon products for hazardous areas and an easy-to-use PROGNOST®-NT interface with advanced analytics, the online condition monitoring system helps customers to reduce downtime and increase cost-efficiency.

About the company


PROGNOST Systems GmbH, part of Burckhardt Compression AG, offers condition monitoring technologies for gapless and automated diagnoses of rotating equipment. A comprehensive offering of online machine diagnosis and system inspection supports all global players in the refining, gas- and petrochemical industry. In more than 40 countries PROGNOST Systems reduces operational downtime by providing reliable and accurate data, as well as outstanding customer support from certified experts.

PROGNOST®-NT is an all-in-one solution for condition monitoring with integrated machinery protection. It monitors machine health on critical and less-critical rotating equipment. This certified and reliable system uses deep learning methods to provide real-time and self-learning failure pattern detection of assets. Built as a modular system, it fulfills customers’ needs in an agile and flexible manner.