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SymphonyAI Industrial

SymphonyAI Industrial, a leader in high-value enterprise AI software as a service (SaaS) for strategic industries, has partnered with Treon to enhance its digital transformation solutions in key industries. Through the utilization of Treon devices and Treon Aito Platform, SymphonyAI Industrial broadens its array of AI-driven products and services, empowering organizations to achieve greater operational efficiency and productivity.

Treon Industrial Node 6 Ex as part of Watchman AIR™, source: SymphonyAI Industrial


Cost-effective yet efficient wireless condition monitoring.

With the rapid advancement of technology, many businesses are looking to move towards wireless solutions to reduce labor costs, minimize the need for physical infrastructure, and take advantage of connectivity across multiple devices. SymphonyAI is no exception.

It was crucial for SymphonyAI to find a condition monitoring solution for low- to medium-critical machinery. A cost effective wireless vibration, yet capable of providing SymphonyAI Industrial platform with high-resolution data to analyze so their clients can make component-level, informed decisions.

“Almost every wireless solution on the market can give you a general idea of what is right and what is wrong. However, we were looking for a device that could integrate with our Automated Diagnostic System and provide high-resolution data to generate an automated diagnostic.”
Michael DeMaria
Director of Product Management at SymphonyAI Industrial


Minimal footprint and high-quality data. 

As part of its offering, SymphonyAI Industrial provides its customers with Watchman AIR™, integrating Treon Industrial Nodes and Treon Gateways into a full-featured, wireless condition monitoring solution.

Treon Industrial Node 6 monitors various key vibration parameters and delivers high-resolution data to identify abnormal vibrations and predict emerging faults in advance. Using the scalable self-organizing wireless mesh network, Treon Industrial Nodes send pre-processed measurement data to Treon Gateway. From the gateway the data is transmitted securely to SymphonyAI’s Automated Diagnostic System. Treon Aito Platform, an open software platform on the edge, allows to seamlessly integrate the devices and data flow to SymphonyAI’s Automated Diagnostic System.

As a result, analyzed data is visualized in SymphonyAI’s PredictivePortal™, enabling customers to identify emerging faults and prioritize repair action recommendations based on asset, plant, and corporate health scores.

Treon Industrial Node 6’s remarkable features extend beyond its powerful software capabilities. Its hardware design with a compact footprint enables robust installation in conventional vibration locations, even on small surface areas.

"Although some of our clients were skeptical and had doubts about the capabilities of the small battery-operated device that sits on top of the machines, we were able to provide early fault detection in machinery that had otherwise appeared to be operating normally.”
Michael DeMaria
Director of Product Management at SymphonyAI Industrial
SymphonyAI Industrial dashboard
SymphonyAI Industrial PredictivePortal™ and Accel™ 310 Gateway, source: SymphonyAI Industrial


Wireless transformation

Through cutting-edge technology, SymphonyAI solutions collect and analyze data, identify faults, and deliver highly accurate results to customers all over the world. With the help of Treon’s wireless technology, SymphonyAI Industrial is transforming its customer base from traditional hand-held monitoring devices to wireless monitoring. “Treon has the technical know-how and technology with Treon Industrial Node 6 that demonstrates the ability to form a wireless mesh network and gateway deployment as well as deliver reliability data from a high-quality product,” said Michael DeMaria, Director of Product Management at SymphonyAI Industrial. 

Using Symphony AI wireless vibration solution, not only did their customers experience a 10x return on investment (ROI), but also, they were able to reduce their maintenance costs by 50% and improve their safety by 14%. Our joint endeavor is to empower Symphony’s customers with the capability to not only identify potential issues but also conduct precise diagnoses, paving the way for enabling predictive maintenance in large scale. This transformative partnership sets the stage for a future where our collaborative impact becomes a beacon of industry-wide transformation,said Aibek Altynbek, Head of Business Development at Treon. To learn more about their leading-edge machine diagnostics technology, visit SymphonyAI Industrial Watchman AIR™ webpage. 

About the company

SymphonyAI Industrial

Known as a global leader in artificial intelligence, SymphonyAI Industrial has developed its suite of AI-driven platform solutions, and industrial optimization software to accelerate autonomous plant operations. The main strength of SymphonyAI Industrial is its capability of bringing data into a software platform that can autonomously analyze vibration data and provide a plain language repair action recommendation with five levels of priority to enable plants to understand process or production risks and properly plan for necessary repairs.

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