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Treon developed a wireless vibration and temperature monitoring solution in cooperation with the global leader in fluid engineering, Sulzer. The cost-efficient, easy-to-install, and battery-powered sensor and gateway are the key enablers for the wireless IoT condition monitoring solution, Sulzer Sense!
Sulzer condition monitoring


Sulzer - A global leader in fluid engineering.

Sulzer is a global leader in fluid engineering and the world’s largest developer of pumping, agitation, mixing, separation, and application technologies. Sulzer operates via its network of 50 manufacturing facilities and 100 service centers across the globe.

Sulzer Sense – Wireless condition monitoring solution.

In 2019, Sulzer introduced the wireless IoT condition monitoring solution, Sulzer Sense, which was developed in cooperation with Treon. Sulzer Sense increases Sulzer’s customers’ productivity and efficiency by allowing them to take care of their process equipment in an easy, safe, and convenient way.


Condition monitoring – A new way of doing things.

If an organization has been operating with breakdown maintenance or regular planned maintenance, a changeover to condition monitoring can improve the plant availability and reduce costs significantly. Machine vibration and surface temperature are typical examples of condition data that can be collected from rotating equipment, including AC induction motors, pumps, compressors, conveyors, blowers, fans, and more. Changes in temperature or vibration patterns can indicate arising faults, or a need for maintenance.

Wireless sensors- The key to scalability.

Only critical equipment is usually monitored with wired sensors. The high cost of installation and maintenance presents the biggest scalability challenges. That’s why the rest of the plant equipment – motors, pumps, fans, or gears may not be monitored effectively. This gives rise to the need for wireless sensors for condition monitoring. A wireless battery-operated sensor is easy and much more cost-efficient to deploy than a wired one. It can be up to 4x less expensive per measurement point and even 15x faster to deploy than a wired sensor.


The wireless IoT sensor, co-developed with Treon.

The wireless IoT sensor, co-developed with Treon, is the key component of Sulzer Sense. The sensor devices are attached to the pump, agitator, motor, and other rotating equipment to measure temperature and vibration. They send the data to the cloud to detect possible imbalance, misalignment, looseness, and bearing wear, and thus enable predictive maintenance. The sensors are provided with interference-tolerant wireless mesh connectivity to transmit data to the cloud via a gateway. The fully wireless design means that the devices are easy and cost-efficient to deploy and operate. No separate wireless network infrastructure is required. The scalability of mesh-network combined with easy deployment and the low total cost is the perfect combination that enables monitoring every machine in the factory.


Predict potential faults early to avoid downtime.

Sulzer’s customers can now identify changes in equipment condition parameters and predict potential faults in due time to avoid downtime. Sulzer Sense is a result of a fruitful development cooperation project where Treon brought its expertise in developing industry-grade, wireless IoT products. Additionally, Treon’s customizable IoT gateway platform enabled the companies to build a robust end-to-end solution quickly.
The device we codesigned with Treon is an important step in our digital journey. Combined with Sulzer’s extensive online services and our deep knowledge of industrial processes, the Sulzer Sense wireless IoT condition monitoring system ─ as we call it in our portfolio ─ allows our customers to monitor any equipment 24/7, not just process-critical machinery. The measured data enables predictive maintenance and helps to avoid sudden equipment failure and eventual downtime.
Sami Saarenvalta
Development Manager, Sulzer