Valmet launches Valmet WVS-200 wireless vibration sensor based on Treon Industrial Node 6

Valmet WV-200 wireless sensor

Valmet has launched its renewed condition monitoring offering, including the wireless vibration sensor Valmet WVS-200, that is based on Treon Industrial Node 6. Effortless integration of Valmet WVS-200 into the Valmet DNA Automation System is enabled by the Treon Aito Platform, the intelligent software platform powering Treon devices on the edge.

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Treon Aito Spring ’21 release

Treon Aito Platform is the embedded software platform on the edge that powers Treon Gateway. It enables smart data collection from a wide range of sensors, on-device processing, and transmitting to any cloud backend. It supports both BLE beacons and Wirepas mesh sensors. Treon Aito/Bedrock also enables the full power of Edge computing with integrated support for Azure IoT Edge and AWS Greengrass, along with custom application deployment.

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