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Treon Aito Platform

The edge platform for massive IoT.

Build scalable, secure, and intelligent IoT solutions – starting with a strong foundation.

Treon Aito Platform

Flow of data

How it works

Treon Aito Platform, the intelligent software platform on the edge, enables smart data collection of a wide range of sensors, edge computing, custom application development, device management, secure data transmission and effortless integration into any cloud or on-premises backend.


Wireless sensors create an autonomous network of unlimited scale.


Advanced algorithms optimize data for smart applications.


Treon Gateway collects sensor data, processes, and transmits data securely to any backend.


With Treon Aito Platform you can build custom applications using edge frameworks, tools, and APIs.

Your Solution

By adopting the secure and manageable Treon Aito Platform you can fast track your end-to-end solution – build it in-house or collaborate with our partners.

Key Features

Start with a strong foundation

Edge Processing

Sense, process, and collect data with advanced algorithms on the edge within sensors and gateways.

Developer Tools

Create custom applications with edge frameworks, tools, APIs, and documentation.

Security Built-in

Built-in: End-to-end security with Public Key Infrastructure (PKI), Transport Layer Security (TLS) and encrypted sensor network data.

Device Management

Easy to handle device control, diagnostics, and over-the-air updates.

your benefits

Fast track your E2E solution

Save Time

Bring your IoT solution faster to market, no need to build your own edge platform.

Competitive Advantage

Access our world-class expertise in wireless, scalable edge technology and Treon Aito Platform.

Reduce Costs

Gain our product making knowledge, increase your efficiency and avoid high development costs.

Customer Solutions

How our customers are using Treon Aito Platform

Partnering with Treon gives you access to the Treon Aito Platform that’s been implemented, tested, and validated by customers all over the world.

SymphonyAI Industrial sensor
SymphonyAI Industrial
SymphonyAI empowers AI-driven wireless condition monitoring.
Schaeffler OPTIME hero

Schaeffler OPTIME

Schaeffler OPTIME condition monitoring solution.
BKV Beyond wireless solution
B&K Vibro
B&K Vibro and Treon empower customers with actionable insights and simplicity.
Valmet WV-200 wireless sensor
Valmet DNA Condition Monitoring System
Wireless condition monitoring with Valmet.
Treon Industrial Node used by Sulzer

Sulzer Sense

Wireless condition monitoring at scale with Sulzer.
Wireless condition monitoring in hazardous areas with PROGNOST Systems.
ifm wireless sensors


ifm selected Treon for wireless condition monitoring.
Elliott Group Turbine

Elliott Group YR Turbine Wireless Sensor

Elliott Group and Treon develop wireless condition monitoring solution.
PulseOn web interface with automated pre-analysed data
PulseOn uses Treon in health technology.

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