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Together we build scalable IoT solutions

Together we build scalable IoT solutions with industry-leading wireless edge technology. Our expertise lies in data acquisition, equipping you with sensors, gateways, and platforms to drive your success.

wireless Condition monitoring


Treon’s wireless solutions prevent unplanned downtime, empowering OEMs with predictive maintenance and fostering growth through innovative service packages and stable revenue streams. Integrating Treon’s solutions yields stable recurring revenue while optimizing equipment efficiency, offering unmatched value to end-to-end customers.


Treon empowers MRO (Maintenance, Repair, and Operations) to upscale their current offerings with advanced wireless condition monitoring, addressing the rising demand for monitoring medium and less critical assets. The cutting-edge technology empowers Treon’s partners to offer hybrid solutions, seamlessly combining their existing wired solutions with Treon wireless solutions.

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Hardware meets powerful software

Treon Sensors

Treon’s wireless sensor monitors vibration and temperature in rotating equipment like pumps, motors, and compressors, spotting early signs of failure due to imbalance, misalignment, wear, or misuse. Cost-efficient and easy to deploy.

Treon Gateways

Treon Gateway collects, processes, and transmits data from sensors to any cloud backend over a wide range of wired and wireless connectivity.

Treon Aito Platform

Treon’s Aito platform allows seamless integration of data flow from sensors into back-end systems. It enables partners to deploy applications and manage the entire process effortlessly.

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