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We make industry-leading intelligent, wirelessly connected devices for IoT-solutions of scale.

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what we make

Sophisticated hardware meets powerful software.

Our products enable innovation in a wide range of IoT-applications. Condition monitoring, logistic & asset tracking, environmental monitoring, and more.

Treon Gateway
Cloud connectivity
Treon Industrial Node
Treon Industrial
Treon Asset Node
Treon Asset

Asset & Logistic monitoring

Treon Node

Why we're better

Every bit - designed with scalability in mind.

Ten or Ten Thousand – we’ve designed our devices to work seamlessly together in a mesh network, which is capable of scaling to large proportions.

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faster deployment

Faster and easier to deploy on a large scale compared to wired alternatives. We’ve designed our devices for low-cost low-effort deployment. Without hassle.

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less bandwidth usage

On-device intelligent data processing enables transmitting less data while providing the same value, which enables a better performing system and longer battery life.
Treon Node exploded view

how do we compare

A better choice - when scalability is essential.

Our products are an excellent choice compared to the alternatives when scalability is essential. With the combination of sophisticated hardware and powerful software, our devices work seamlessly at a massive scale.
Comparison of deployment cost between Treon devices and other wired sensor devices.

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lower deployment cost

As the number of equipment being monitored grows to a massive scale, our devices have an incredible 400% lower cost of deployment compared to the wired monitoring device alternatives. This enables the monitoring of every piece of equipment in a factory.

flexible system

Cloud of your choice - no restrictions from us.

We can provide secure multipoint cloud connectivity with any cloud or in-premise backend. Receive your data at the destination of your preference – rather than getting tied with a specific one.

Cloud platforms that Treon can support
Cloud platforms that Treon can support

customer story

Wireless Condition Monitoring at scale with Sulzer.

Treon developed a wireless vibration and temperature monitoring solution in cooperation with the global leader in fluid engineering, Sulzer. The cost-efficient, easy-to-install, and battery-powered sensor and gateway are the key enablers for the wireless IoT condition monitoring solution, Sulzer Sense!

our products

Sophisticated hardware
meets powerful software.